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Xinsenyue is The Fanless Panel PC Leader You Can Rely On. We concentrated on manufacturing,designing and assemble a wide range of cost effective, high performance, extremely reliable industrial all in one computers and industrial PC components suchas fanlesss panel PC,IP65 waterproof panel PC, mini PC,industrial touch screen panel PCs,industrial monitors and other embedded computer related products since 2007.

Xinsenyue industrial panel PC is ideal for extreme work environments. Our fanless panel mount computers provide maximum protection from heat, water, moisture, dust and dirt.Our aim to to serve as a flexible and reliable industrial computing platform, each Panel PC and Monitor is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with exceptional I/O connectivity.To be a complete industrial automation firm that helps industrial and commercial customers reduce their cost and working effeciency through advanced, logically fanless computers systems.

We help our customers realize all the benefits of auotmation industry line, such as artificial intelligence,Automation equipment control,laser equipment operation and a positive impact on the environment, through a unique "Commitment to fanless PC, Commitment  to You" approach, which means our in-house installation and customer support teams make  the process easy and convenient with little or no upfront investment.

Thanks to our customer-oriented industrial automation&smart life solutions we offer real added value and are international industrial computer service and leader in technology. Provide complete custom made system Solutions for primary global industrial computers markets meeting. Build the internation Brand through our fanless panel mount computers systems , Services and outstanding Quality. With our operational excellence we build the base for a profitable and sustainable company.   

Our people are key to success. 

As a global industrial computers,fanless PC supplier, we follow a common global strategy. 

This applies to every site, every department and every employee.

It is based on our vision and contains five key programs designed to make us successful.

The focus lies on customer orientation, innovative power and quality leadership.

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